An official of the Department of Energy (DoE) said the government is open to exploring nuclear energy for the country's electricity requirements.

Patrick Aquino, director of the DoE-Energy Utilization Management Bureau, said during the Arangkada Philippines Forum 2021 that they have made "recommendations to the President (Rodrigo Duterte) with respect to the potential of nuclear energy." "It is high time that public debates be focused toward the possible shift to nuclear power," he said.

Although geothermal, hydropower and other renewable sources account for a significant share of electricity generation, the Philippine power sector still depend on fossil fuels for much of its daily energy production.

"Nuclear is the clean emission source. So, the conversation that we are starting is we have to let the investment to come in. Let the technology to come in," Aquino said.

Adding nuclear power will add up to a more sustainable and lasting source of energy that is cheaper in terms of rates, he said.

"Clearly, the impetus is there. We are doing more than our fair share in terms of the deployment of the renewables and now we even have the landmark legislation on energy efficiency," Aquino said.

From a technical perspective, Aquino said the DoE is recommending that the public start that discussion and debate on transition to nuclear power. The country has a lone nuclear power plant in Bataan that has remained non-operational after it was built during the Marcos administration.