IT appears that the May 2022 election is shaping up to be a runaway campaign for a tandem that came into being in a very delayed manner and was hampered by political somersaults that did not allow the tandem to move. Interestingly, the individuals in the tandem are getting majoritarian support and huge crowds in every caravan and meetups that practically sealed the deal for the tandem. The pre-campaign has clearly defined the metes and bounds. And we hope to see consistency, continuity and creativity, the core elements of political campaigns when we hit February 2022, the start of the campaign period.

On their own, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. (BBM) and Sara Duterte-Carpio (SDC) are the heirs apparent of their strong-willed fathers. Of differing generations, BBM and SDC bring into their tandem various persuasions from gender to age to educational attainment and professional experience. Both served the local governments. Marcos brings into the equation national exposure as senator/policymaker. But more than these, being children of strong leaders give them a unique lens on history and governance, which hopefully can be used as they put energy into a platform that reflects the persuasions of their fathers, the continuity of what worked and the disruption to create their own transformation ripples going through the six years of their term.

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