The book "41 Years of Service to Filipinos Overseas" shines the spotlight on the more than four decades of dedicated service and hard work of the Commission on Filipino Overseas for Filipino emigrants and permanent residents in different parts of the world.

The book formally brings to a close 40 years of often unheralded yet important service to our fellow Filipinos who may have left our shores and their descendants who we continue to embrace as our compatriots. On this 41st anniversary of the Commission, the book is also an auspicious way to begin a new decade, which CFO hopes will continue to be marked by significant achievements in keeping Filipinos' ties to their motherland strong and vibrant.

The book gives readers a glimpse into what the Commission does and what services and assistance it offers. Unknown to many, CFO is working for some 10 million Filipinos, about 10 percent of the country's population, spread in almost every continent.

Remittances from these more than 10 million Filipinos living overseas accounted for about 10 percent of the Philippines Gross Domestic Product in the last three years, a major boost to national development. The amount does not include the total value of social remittances sent home in the form of donations and economic investments.

And when tragedy and disasters strike, like the recent supertyphoon Odette, overseas Filipinos are among the first to offer assistance not just to their own families and relatives affected by the calamity but to projects for the benefit of all the victims.

The Commission has chosen fittingly the theme #CFOAllFourOne for its celebration of 41 years of public service. Overseas Filipinos, wherever they may be, have only one Motherland to come home to. The various migrant-serving agencies cater to only one global Filipino diaspora community, whatever migration track or route they take.

This coffee table book is not only a formal chronicle of the Commission's public service journey through those 41 years but also a celebration of the Filipino diaspora community's contribution to and involvement in Philippine development.