OMICRON is causing very real concern and more in Metro Manila Plus as it is in many other Asian cities like Hong Kong. In the latter, restrictions are back to what they were at the height when I was last there in January a year ago. In some cases, even worse, especially with regard to flights and transit passengers through Hong Kong. No dine in after 6 p.m., just take out. No gyms, spas and so on. Quarantine requirements have also gotten stricter. By contrast, Singapore and Thailand are concerned but taking it in stride. Even more so in the US. There are more cases, much concern, but no new restrictions. I am in New York and watched "Tosca" at the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday, the Nets play the Spurs on Sunday and the Philadelphia Orchestra on Thursday. They are limited to fully vaccinated or for the Nets that or an antigen test immediately before the game.

There have been several articles here in the US on why Omicron is this way instead of that way. I already wrote about that last week. Recently, there have been more articles on why the federal government and even various state and local governments have a concerned but more balanced attitude toward Omicron compared to even last fall's Delta wave. Why? It is not like there aren't more cases and while not proportionate more hospitalizations. Though steady and minimal, some ICU cases and deaths from the fully vaccinated.

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