(From left) Epy, Eric, Jenny and Vandolph Quizon
(From left) Epy, Eric, Jenny and Vandolph Quizon

Brothers Eric and Epy Quizon are the directors of the gag show titled "Quizon CT (Comedy Theater)" which premiered on NET 25 on January 9.

Eric said an opportunity came when NET 25 told them pitch concepts and the gag show was the first one approved by NET 25. The network liked the Epy idea of the gag show featuring the sons of the comedy king. But they also pitched a sitcom and Eric is keeping his fingers crossed that said show might also become a reality.

It was Eric who encouraged Epy to co-direct the show with him. Also in the show are Vandolph, his wife Jenny plus Martin Escudero, Bearwin Meily, Gene Padilla, Garry Lim, Tanya, Charuth and Billie Hakenson.

"This is our tribute to our dad's clean, fun and wholesome family humor. Pampa-good vibes," said Eric. "We learned a lot from our dad's humor and we'd like to continue his legacy. We want to contribute something visual. If you notice, 'yung iba comedy ni Daddy is visual and it's funny. We might incorporate something like we will recreate an old gag of Daddy so we can show it to the millennials."

"I am privileged to do this show with my brothers. With the way things are right now during the pandemic, I believe we need the kind of humor of Dolphy," said Vandolph.

Epy recalled that one of the best moments bonding moments with their dad is sharing a meal with him. They get to talk about many things. "Magkukuwento si Daddy about his past tapos laging may punchline. Tawa lang kami nang tawa. Kahit na drama moments ang kwento, may comedy pa rin," Epy shared.

Although Quizon City is a gag show, Eric says they want to make the show limitless. They want to have gags, sketches, different forms of comedy. "We want our viewers to expect the unexpected. We want to keep them guessing."

The brothers said they want to bring back the Dolphy spirit in the show. They plan to recreate classic Dolphy comedy gags or sketches. "Maraming pwedeng gawin pero mahirap gawin. We want to do classics na hit sa mga tao."

"Mahirap na maikumpara kami sa kanya (daddy). I know we can't do it the way he does it. Siya lang makakagawa what he does best."

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Mrs. World Philippines Meranie Gadiana Rahman experienced it on her own the devastating power of Super Typhoon Odette when she held an outreach program in her hometown in Cagayan de Oro.

In an interview with the media during her send-off party last December 26, Meranie said Super Typhoon Odette was the strongest typhoon she had encountered.

Mrs. World Philippines Meranie Gadiana Rahman
Mrs. World Philippines Meranie Gadiana Rahman

"I was really scared, most specially for my son and family! It's the worst typhoon I've ever experienced!"

The Hawaii-based beauty queen appealed to the public to extend help to the typhoon victims. She said the victims need a lot of help, including those coming from the international community.

"They need food, shelter and the chance to rebuild their lives. We need their stories to be heard by the international community," said Meranie.

The beauty queen shared that her parents are also into farming. But their falcata tree plantation was not spared by the strong typhoon.

Meranie's parents are also engaged in farming. They took care of the trees, hoping to harvest when they mature after eight years. But the typhoon wiped out everything. But she doesn't want to complain because she has seen how her countrymen were affected. All that she wants is to be able to help. This is her purpose.

She is vying to become the country's first winner of Mrs. World. The pageant will be held on Jan. 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, USA.

Meranie said joining a beauty pageant helped her change in many ways, most importantly in helping fight postpartum depression which is her advocacy.

"I believe that pageantry is an avenue for women to express their inner self and show how strong they are. Our society has realized that women could be another pillar of the society by being educators, community leaders, business women and becoming politicians and presidents. Nowadays women take equal part in raising the family and managing economy of the household."

She is very excited to represent the Philippines in the Mrs. World Pageant as it is her dream to compete in prestigious pageant where she can showcase the Filipino beauty, strength, perseverance, as well as our rich culture and our diversity.