Rundy Montoya (rightmost) with colleagues at the Actors Guild
Rundy Montoya (rightmost) with colleagues at the Actors Guild

Close to fifty candidates from show business have fielded their respective candidacy for the coming national election in May 2022.

Most of them are running for positions in local government units led by the incumbent mayor of Ormoc city Richard Gomez who is running for a seat in the House of Representatives, while his wife-incumbent representative Lucy Torres-Gomez will run for mayor of said city.

The jargon for this act is "round robin" or "trip to Jerusalem." For bashers, this is sheer "political dynasty."

Caveat used to break bread with then emerging Richard and his dear departed manager Douglas Quijano who was also a beloved friend in the re-imaging industry.

So who won't wish for dear Richard and Lucy to move up or down the ladder of their political somersaulting?

Another good friend, incumbent Vice Governor of Camarines Sur (Camsur) and undefeated for three terms since 1998 Imelda Papin (also current President of the Actors Guild of the Philippines) is running for a gubernatorial position at her turf.

Awarded twice as Outstanding Vice Governor of the Philippines, the "Jukebox Queen" for 47 years, turned international "beauty with a purpose" advocate is sure to slug it out with Camsur's incumbent opponent.

Another Negrense Javi Benitez, a "kasimanwa" (from the same province in Victorias where the renowned "Angry Christ" mural famously stands) is fielded for mayor. Extant actor-TV host of erstwhile ABS-CBN, and son of former and famous Negros Occidental representative Albee Benitez, son Javi is downright shoo-in for said position.

Surprisingly, beauty queen-singer-actress Ali Forbes who was one of our Method Acting workshoppers at Balintataw Film and Theater Arts is running for councilor at Quezon city under the BBM-Sara lineup. Such pulchritude and breath of fresh air so to speak for the 6th district of Q.C.

Of the senatoriables, Caveat is happy to note that the leading three aspirants former Quezon city Mayor actor Herbert Bautista, actors Robin Padilla, and Jinggoy Estrada are friends as friends can be, and even beyond calling each other's name. So by all means, let's push these top three would-be titanic solons up!

Ironically, there are aspirants among the senatoriables who are in some sense marginalized for one reason or another. Take the case of actor-movie producer Rundy Montoya, who in a manner of speaking is COC certified, and yet much wanting in resonance or recall.

A bonafide member of the Actors Guild of the Philippines under the leadership of Imelda Papin, and who even leads a group of struggling stuntmen, I know Montoya like the palm of my hands; both in his capacity as a self-made entrepreneur and as a sought-after action character actor turned film producer.

He is fondly regarded as the beloved "kuya" Rundy by his peers at the Actors Guild, ever willing to extend a helping hand to those needing some financial and medical assistance. This is because most aging and mainstream actors nowadays are also marginalized owing to the onslaught of the pandemic.

In fact, it was his close friends and officers in said guild who pushed for his candidacy led by Vice President Amay Bisaya who recently had a heart stroke and is now being taken care of said "kuya" at hand.

Montoya is luckier than most of his peers at the Actors Guild. He has a fallback position. As an entrepreneur, he made it to the precipitous world of multi-level marketing and networking turning himself into a motivational speaker for socio-agricultural advocacies, and livelihood programs locally and in some key cities of Asia.

Early on, he was the male lead of his debut production, an indie film titled "Lapis, Ballpen, at Diploma." Said film valorises earning at least a college diploma instead of quitting after high school to join the fragile sector of the country's contractual workers. This biopic tells the struggle of a miserable boy who defies his father's wish for him to just live the life of a poor crab catcher.

A half-Subanen from the margins of an embattled Mindanao, he now tops the line-up of senatoriables for Maharlika Peoples Party under BBM with Sultan Al-bin Pumbaya as their vice presidentiable.

Looks like a hybrid political party, but Montoya says he is an avid supporter of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, and Bongbong Marcos, joining even the league of its leading light Elizabeth Oropesa with Mocha Uson, Tanya Gomez, Liz Alindogan, Richard Poon, DJ Durano, Zyruz Imperial, including the internationally-acclaimed Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose, etc.

For his achievements in the cinematic arts, entrepreneurship, and social development advocacy, Rundy Montoya was bestowed an Honorary degree in Doctor of Humanities (PhD) by the Golden Eagle Excellence Awards under the auspices of a good friend Dr. Jake Navea, Asia's most renowned award- giving icon.