"CHANGE is the only permanent thing in this world," according to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. The reality of frequent change and multiple tabs is the challenge of the modern accountant. As new regulations and standards come, new information must be downloaded in our brains and inapplicable and irrelevant material must be offloaded or unlearned to make space for the new. Exciting as it may sound, it can be exhausting and expensive, too. In this information age, knowledge is power. Stock knowledge is no longer sufficient if we want to stay relevant and add more value to the clients and the communities we serve.

Information overload is something that some or most accountants have probably felt or dealt with more than once in our career. In this day and age, libraries or books are not the first thing that comes to mind when looking for answers. We turn to search engines, such as Google, where hundreds and thousands of information appear in just one click. There's data everywhere and our brains are expected to cope with data flowing into them from all directions as our devices constantly beep with notifications.

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