THE Indonesia G20 presidency is a milestone in the country's active role in shaping the global agenda. As the global economy is slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia has recognized the importance of collective actions and inclusive collaboration by choosing as the G20 theme, "Recovery Together, Recover Stronger," and picking three key issues — global health architecture, digital transformation and sustainable energy transition — for the deliberations and final agreement, which will affirm G20's commitment to the above issues.

Thirteen years ago in 2008, the G20 moved beyond its previous role of economic crisis management and became a global custodian of social welfare by addressing the global financial crisis. In this capacity, the 2021 G20 joint agreement called for action to recover from the Covid-19 crisis while also enabling sustainable and inclusive growth. As the premier forum for international economic cooperation, G20 leaders reaffirmed their commitment to overcoming the global health and economic crisis, stemming from the pandemic. They agreed upon a shared vision to combat climate change and announced important steps toward the achievement of gender equality. We have also advanced in our common efforts to ensure that the benefits of digitalization are shared broadly and contribute to reducing inequalities.

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