IN her tabloid column dated March 7, Lolit Solis told her readers that her online show "Take It Per Minute Me Ganu'n (TIPMMG)" would go off air.

The Tuesday program she co-hosted with Cristy Fermin and Mr. Fu lasted for a good three years, Lolit revealed.

It was produced by the Belmonte-owned publication company where Lolit and Cristy are regular columnists.

Both Lolit and Cristy's showbiz hosting careers had been resurrected via TIPMMG.

Of the three, Mr. Fu — the youngest of them all — is least bothered as he maintains a radio program on FM.

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Cristy, too, finds solace in her existing daily program on Radyo Singko.

In short, it's Lolit who's left without a regular show as a convenient outlet to break her explosive scoops.

Back in GMA's "Startalk," which lasted for nearly 20 years, Lolit had taken full advantage of it without taking her job seriously.

The show, which was the last to go among all showbiz-oriented programs in 2015, had served as Lolit's tool to promote her indirect advertising deals with savvy. In fairness to her, Lolit was the production's darling who'd tap into her business contacts for freebies she never failed to share with the staff.

It was always fun to work with Lolit even if there were countless times she displayed her cantankerous demeanor.

Nothing had seemed to change on TIPMMG. Lolit was still the bull-headed yet adorable host who does not believe that blind items should protect the identity of the subject. What's funnier is that she never spares even the artists she manages.

Now where does Lolit go from here? What life awaits her after her tabloid-produced show?

The absence of it shouldn't bother her a bit. It's she who'd always broadcast that her talent fee was just a pittance, certainly not enough to have her fifty something pet dogs groomed and fed.

Rather, it's the friendship with her co-hosts and program staff who she'll sorely miss.

By the way, as of writing, there wasn't a slight hint as to the show's cancellation. If I may stick my nose into it, does Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte's reelection bid have anything to do with it?

[Editor's Note: Shortly after Vignettes wrote this column, Solis and co-host Mr. Fu went online as scheduled on the same TIPMMG day and timeslot. The pair announced they have retitled the show, "Take it, Take it! Meganon?!" and will carry on as usual. Neither had any bad feelings when they informed their followers Fermin had to leave the TIPMMG to host another show.]