THE government of Ukraine on Thursday expressed its "sincere gratitude" to the Philippines for joining other countries in condemning Russia's "unprovoked attack" against it.

Olexander Nechytaylo, the non-resident Ukrainian ambassador to the Philippines, cited the country's support for a resolution in the United Nations calling out Russia's aggression and approving a $100,000 aid for Ukrainian refugees.

Nechytaylo said he is "genuinely very happy" with the government's support for Ukraine.

"Officially, I want also to put on the record that I'd like to express the sincere gratitude of Ukraine, our country, for the Philippine support in the United Nations," he told members of the media during a roundtable in Makati City.

"This is a very strong demonstration of support," he said.

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Nechytaylo echoed President Rodrigo Duterte's hope for the conflict, the "worst humanitarian crisis" since World War 2, to end peacefully soon.

"I hope it will not expand wider... I hope that's not going to happen," he said, stressing that the Philippines and the rest of Asia are already burdened by the effects of the crisis, particularly the skyrocketing prices of fuel and food staples such as wheat.

Nechytaylo said he hopes his country will prevail over the Russian invaders, pointing out that the Ukranians' resilience may have caught the aggressors by surprise.

"Not many people gave us credit to stand up against a superpower for so long," he said, adding that Ukraine has been able to battle Russia for more than 70 days "with its own resources."