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Kwentong Bayanihan

A JOINT program of UAP Comms and Arch. Renato Heray and UAP Bayanihang Arkitektura Committee that featured UAP Daraga-Cagsawa Chapter (UAP-DCC), UAP National Award recipient for Outstanding Bayanihang Arkitektura FY 2020-2021, through their chapter president, Arch. Ana Capuno. The episode highlighted the CSR projects and activities of UAP-DCC. This program is intended to feature CSR-related projects of chapters, members and other allied partners to further promote the architects' social relevance and its role in nation-building.

Tara, Sama Ka! Biyahe Tayo with Jehanne Dy

Host and content creator Arch. Jehanne Dy featured tourist spots in Cebu, what to do and where to eat. One of the objectives of this episode was to promote and raise awareness of various architectural heritage sites in the Philippines. Chapters may be encouraged to share or vlog about their places to be featured in this episode.

KYP LIVE Special: Dubai Expo 2020

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We traveled to the futuristic world of Dubai Expo 2020 with Arch. Christian Vasquez, where he featured the Terra (Earth) Sustainability Pavilion, an interactive experience of Dubai Expo 2020 virtually.

Social media and communication collaboration strategy

Programs being aired go through the approval of the UAP ManCom through the national president and/or the secretary-general. These programs were also presented to the national board of directors (NBD) beside the UAP Comms' plan for the fiscal year (FY). With more influencers joining the team, a social media policy approved by the NBD shall serve as guidelines for social media activity for hosts, guests and members engaging online to protect the organization from possible legal risks.

In a collaboration program with the UAP Anti-Illegal Practice Committee (UAP-AIP), UAP Comms, the UAP-AIP and the ManCom went through careful planning for an episode that would discuss sensitive issues. The goal was to educate members and the general public on legal matters and processes concerning the illegal practice in our profession. The communication planning started with sharing the vision, objective and the program of their committee. Afterward, the group discussed strategies for creating a unified message by identifying the core message and carefully crafting narratives and content. Review and final approval of the creatives and content or program flow fell under the role of the ManCom before they are released for publication and broadcast.

Influencers and media conference

Another plan of the UAP Comms was to hold an influencer and media conference. In this proposal, branding guidelines would be necessary to deliver a unified message. Interpreting our branding ideas will require the specialization of a full-time third-party consultant. Influencers and media people, including all chapters and committees, will be provided with branding directives for a clear and unified message. Chapters and committees will also be encouraged to create their media programs to help further promote the architecture profession and its value in nation-building.

 UAP Comms Team from left: Architects Pacoy Aniag, Christian Vasquez, Anna Gonzalez, Jehanne Dy, Secretary-General Joey Manalad,  Vahn Pineda, Jose Tan,  Jake Lazo and JP Espino.
UAP Comms Team from left: Architects Pacoy Aniag, Christian Vasquez, Anna Gonzalez, Jehanne Dy, Secretary-General Joey Manalad, Vahn Pineda, Jose Tan, Jake Lazo and JP Espino.

Studio 53

Studio 53 was instituted as a response from the UAP National to establish a central studio of communication to address the physical gap between the leadership team and the members. This innovative virtual platform, equipped with the latest technology to communicate with the members, is envisioned to augment the way they traditionally interact with the more than 180 UAP chapters in the country and the major global cities.

Institutionalizing UAP Comms

During the planning session for FY 2021-2022, the team felt the need to elevate the role of the UAP Comms as it plays a significant role in the organization. The team proposed a commission for communications to be considered with different committees that will handle different roles as the first step in institutionalizing the UAP Comms. Unlike other committees, UAP Comms Committees will have to work together as their tasks are interconnected from administrative duties to creative works to publishing or broadcasting. Internal communications will be coordinated with the secretary-general and disseminated to chapters through the chapter secretaries and the Chapter Comms Committee chairpersons.

Another communication strategy the team looks forward to is branding. More than just the logo and name, it is about how we can make our organization recognizable, memorable and our message easy to understand. It is not just about who we are and what we do, but how we can make an impact and what value we can give, whether to a fellow architect, an ordinary worker, an executive, an allied professional, or a foreign investor. It is about the unified message we deliver across the entire organization and our community.

Communication is key to a unified organization as it could bring about a feeling of being valued. People feel valued when they feel they belong and are being listened to. Effective communication, branding strategies and building relationships beyond membership by engaging with members can contribute to a positive climate and culture within the organization that could result in a more unified and harmonious UAP.

Arch. Anna Gonzalez is the UAP Comms chief coordinating officer for FY 2020-2021 to FY 2021-2022. She is currently the vice president for Programs and Development and the incoming chapter president for UAP Barasoain. She also served as secretary, director for membership and Comelec chairman (she studied the UAP By-Laws for this post) for UAP Barasoain Chapter in the past FYs. A licensed architect, environmental planner and master plumber, she engages in private practice and as a consultant for retail design development and building and facilities management.