A LEADING satellite broadband service provider recently completed the highly successful implementation of its contract that enabled the secure transmission of millions of votes in remote areas as well as the urban canvassing locations all over the Philippines during the National Election held last May 2022.

In the world's largest deployment of automated voting machines, satellite service We are IT Philippines Inc. (WIT) provided a high-speed wireless connectivity platform that enabled Smartmatic to secure the transmission of millions of votes nationwide.

WIT installed, delivered and commissioned 720 VSAT systems in less than 59 days to the farthest regions in the Philippines. The solution was integrated with Smartmatic's digital transmission infrastructure network, enabling fast and credible election results.

"We are delighted with the performance and reliability of We Are IT Philippines' VSAT Satellite Solution, which was critical for the secured transmission network used during the recently concluded National Election," Geraldine Guevara, president of Smartmatic Philippines, said in a media statement.

The Philippines elections have been fully automated since 2010. Prior to the automation of votes, the ballots were counted manually with the results hand delivered to election headquarters. Since then, the Philippine government has turned to advanced ICT solutions to improve the efficiency and ensure the success of the electoral process.

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"We would like to thank Smartmatic for trusting us with this great responsibility as it is of great importance to our country's democratic process," said Joseph Maddatu, chief executive at We Are IT Philippines. "WIT's critical digital network infrastructure is a proven and time-tested platform trusted by enterprises, governments, telcos and multinationals the world over with thousands of VSATs and IOTs installed and continuously operating securely."

We Are IT Philippines is an international company that integrates advanced solutions with cutting edge products and world-class service for the delivery of robust and dependable managed terrestrial and satellite networks. In the Philippines, WIT provides vital satellite communications infrastructure for missions that are critical for communications.