SINGAPORE is an island city-state and a thriving metropolis well known globally for its investments in world-class and future-ready infrastructure, its vibrant living spaces and a rich history and culture, characterized by a multi-racial and religious people.

SINGAPORE is also one of the world's most digitally competitive countries. With over 5 million Internet users, Singapore's digital penetration rate is over 90 percent, significantly higher than the global digital penetration rate of about 63 percent. Singapore is also at the forefront of 5G network deployment and is on track for nationwide coverage by 2025.

The economic opportunities of the digital domain have also brought about tremendous transformation and growth in Singapore. In the past five years, Singapore's Infocomm and Media (ICM) sector (which includes media, information communications and telecommunications) has consistently surpassed overall GDP growth. The sector's growth has also translated into attractive careers for Singaporeans; some 40 percent or 20,000 new jobs involving digital roles are expected out of committed investments in 2019 and 2020 secured by Singapore's Economic Development Board.

Digitalization holds significant promise for Singapore. However, a digital future can be daunting for those who are behind the curve. Singapore is thus committed to ensure that digitalization not only improves the lives and livelihoods of its people, but that it creates a safe and inclusive digital society in which everyone can participate equally, confidently, safely and responsibly.

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