ENVIRONMENTAL and animal rights groups urged Japan to stop killing dolphins as its hunting season started on Thursday, September 1.

Earth Island Institute Asia Pacific Regional Director Trixie Concepcion, in an interview with The Manila Times, said that in a protest in front of the Japanese embassy her group and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society recreated a scene from the hit Korean drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" where the main character, Atty. Woo Young Woo, was seen protesting with her boyfriend to stop dolphin shows in an ocean park in South Korea.

"We recreated her look in our protest where we have an Atty. Woo impersonator," Concepcion said.

Concepcion said the hunting in Taiji, Japan allows the killing of at least 1,849 dolphins.

"It's the largest killing of marine mammals in the world," Concepcion added.

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According to Concepcion, the dolphin hunt is allowed every year because of the Japanese belief that dolphins are considered pests.

"There is no scientific evidence that the dolphins are pests, that is why this very cruel, very inhumane killing of dolphins should stop," she said.

She said that Japanese fishermen consider dolphins as pests because they eat at least 25 kilos of fish daily.

"We have yet to hear a scientist saying that dolphins are pests. Instead of killing them, this mammal should be protected," Concepcion stressed.