According to the Philippine Hepatobiliary Association's Statistics: It is estimated that 7.3 million adults in the Philippines (16.7 percent of the adult population) have chronic diseases. This incidence of liver disease is very high compared to other countries and is more than double the average HBV incidence of 8 percent in the West.

It is usually that 90 percent of patients do not know they have liver disease. Thus, the disease is already in the advanced stage when it is discovered. This is the current big situation in the Philippines. Patients should pay attention if the following symptoms are presented: skin color changes, dark urine, internal fever, fatigue and lack of vitality, right lower quadrant pain, itchy rash, and boils. Dangerous complications include Hepatitis, Liver Failure, Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, and even death.

Doctor's advice

The liver, one of the body's essential organs, performs many different important roles. The liver's ability to filter and remove harmful substances from food and water is a vital function, so to prevent your liver from being damaged, you should:

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Follow a reasonable and scientific diet and lifestyle. Cut out trans fats, saturated fats, processed foods, sugar, and alcohol.

Do not abuse alcohol.

Do exercise regularly and exercise every day.

Relieve stress, give up the habit of self-medicating without a prescription.

Limit exposure to harmful environments

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