'The Escort Wife'

Janelle Tee, Ava Mendez and
Raymond Bagatsing
Janelle Tee, Ava Mendez and Raymond Bagatsing

Boredom, wild curiosity, and a misplaced sense of adventure can be self-destructive and harm others. "The Escort Wife" a Vivamax original movie directed by Paul Basinillo, will show just how.

Janelle Tee plays Patricia, a pretty housewife who is also pretty bored. Stuck at home, she spends hours watching people through her window. She is still in her late 20s and just like most women her age, she also craves for adventure. During one of her window escapades, she catches a beautiful woman having steamy sex in the apartment across the street. Because of her curiosity, Patricia becomes the other woman's stalker.

That woman is Chrissy, played by Ava Mendez. Chrissy wants to quit being a prostitute, finish her studies, have a high-paying decent job and become rich just like the men she goes to bed with. One of her clients happens to be Patricia's husband, Roy (Raymond Bagatsing).

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Roy comes from an elite family and works as a doctor. The intimacy he should be sharing with Patricia is diverted to Chrissy. When Patricia discovers their secret affair, her fury is out of control.

The Escort Wife is written and produced by the award-winning filmmaker Yam Laranas. It is now showing on Vivamax.

2: '5-in1'


Comedy combined with wit, drama, excitement, and the right amount of sexiness, can be found in Vivamax's new movie, "5-in-1."

The sexy-comedy follows the story of a young man who has not one, two, or three, but five women in his life.

A handsome gentleman, a certified chick magnet, and a successful businessman and CEO of a famous coffee brand, 5-in-1 coffee, John "Dick" Jordi (Wilbert Ross) has it all and can have everything he wants. Including having five girlfriends — Mia (Debbie Garcia), Lexie (Rose van Ginkel), Maria (Ava Mendez), Riley Red (Angela Morena), and Lana Rose (Jela Cuenca).

But despite his seemingly perfect life, fate does a playful trick on him after his life is cut short due to an illness, he kept to himself. His sudden demise brings shock and heartbreak, not just to his girlfriends but also to his nun sister, Sister Teresa (Giselle Sanchez).

Due to his untimely passing, Dick's coffee business is left unmanaged. It becomes a problem for Sister Teresa for she has no idea who among the five girlfriends Dick is most in love with and deserves to be the new CEO of 5-in-1 coffee.

She comes up with the idea of letting the women give a eulogy for his brother, and with their stories, she'll be able to determine who among them is "The One" and the new rightful owner of 5-in-1 coffee. As these women celebrate Dick's life and remember their time with him, they will share whimsical and colorful narratives and even their sexual experiences with Dick.

Who among these five women deserves to be the one? Is it really one of them? Or maybe even all of them?

The movie is directed Star Awards for Movies and Gawad Urian nominee, multigenre director GB Sampedro and will stream exclusively on Vivamax starting September 23.


Janelle Tee is lead in
'The Escort Wife'
Janelle Tee is lead in 'The Escort Wife'

Financial woes can make people do things that's totally out of character. Their problems may be solved for a while until they suffer yet again.

Such is the story of Anna Clemente, the protagonist in the upcoming four-part Vivamax original series called "An/Na." From the creative mind of the well respected multi-awarded writer/director Jose Javier Reyes, follow her story starting September 25. Janelle Tee plays the title role.

Anna works in a sales industry, yet her income is not enough to make ends meet. She provides for her family but can't pay her rent on time. She's been having a hard time for so long that she eventually resorts to making easy money. She starts working in the sex trade. The unsophisticated office worker by day becomes a seductress at night who goes by the name of Mei Ling.

Anna used to have just one man in her life — Guido, her long-distance boyfriend, played by Greg Hawkins. But now that she gets in bed with different men, how will each of them affect her life?

Stream An/Na web.vivamax.net or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.