(UPDATE) PRESIDENT Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Friday vowed to support all efforts to help the state insurer Social Security System (SSS) become more efficient and productive in providing services to all Filipinos.

Marcos made this commitment as he highlighted the achievements of SSS, such as expanding membership coverage, providing enhanced benefits and improving service capabilities to stakeholders during its 65th anniversary celebration on Friday.

"As your President, I assure you that I commit myself to every initiative that will improve the efficiency and productivity of the SSS and thereby improve the lot and welfare of our people," Marcos said in his speech.

The SSS was established on Sept. 1, 1957 by virtue of the Social Security Act of 1954 to serve as a government financial institution that provides social security protection to all Filipino workers.

For over six decades, the President said the SSS has become "a bastion of stability for every Filipino in the private sector."

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"And the SSS has done this by empowering our employees with equitable and world-class protection, ensuring that they will have a safety net during life's most difficult moments," Marcos said.

"It is only fitting that as we look back at the rich history of the SSS, we highlight the achievements, your achievements in expanding membership coverage, providing enhanced benefits, improving your service capabilities to your stakeholders, and all the other services and products that you provide," he added.

Marcos also lauded the SSS officials and employees for their hard work and dedication to ensuring the institution's stability and reliability.

The SSS, he said, proves that the government is "always ready [and] reliable, no matter what the circumstances [are]."

"I ask you to keep up the good work. I can see that the SSS still has within its DNA the continuing service that you are giving and the sensitivity that you show to the actual conditions of our people," Marcos said.

The President also hailed the "timely" implementation of the SSS' programs, which include the Contribution Subsidy Provider Program, Flexible Payment Scheme for Fishermen and Farmers, the Contribution Penalty Condonation Program and the Consolidated Loan Program.

He said the SSS is able to fulfill its mandate of providing safety nets and guarantees for the Filipino people, especially those who are in difficult situations.

"With programs like these, which are timely, which are sensitive, which are aware of the condition of our employees, that is then the SSS has much reason to celebrate its 65th birthday," Marcos said.

"The job that you are doing is exactly the job that we had asked you to do — to provide the safety nets, to provide the guarantees for our people, when tragedy strikes, when crisis strikes and when people are just going about their daily business," he added.

Marcos also thanked the SSS members for their contributions, making the state insurer a "force that makes a difference in nation-building and ensures that every Filipino contributor can reap the benefits of their labor well into the future."

He expressed optimism that the SSS would continue to embody excellence and give importance to the Filipino people's best interest.

"The SSS' critical role in strengthening our country's social protection is more crucial, now more than ever. With the country recovering from the pandemic, with the country trying to recover from the shocks that are coming from the geopolitical situation around the world, still I am truly excited to see more ways in which the SSS will bring its services closer to its members and make a positive impact in the communities that you serve," Marcos said.

"With a strong, stable, and secure SSS, I see a better and brighter future not only for its members but also for the entire country," he added.