Back-to-back kick off celebration of CDA 33rd anniversary and Women’s Month celebration
Back-to-back kick off celebration of CDA 33rd anniversary and Women’s Month celebration

THE Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) is celebating its 33rd Anniversary on March 10, 2023 under the leadership of Chairman Joseph "Joy" Ballota Encabo. The theme for this year's celebration is "33 years of soaring towards an innovative and resilient CDA", which highlights the agency's ability to overcome challenges such as the pandemic, economic crisis, and changing technology.

The current members of the Board of Directors, including Assistant Secretary and Acting Administrator Myrla Paradillo, Assistant Secretary Abad Santos, Assistant Secretary Abdulsalam Guinomla, Assistant Secretary Pendatun Disimban, and Assistant Secretary Virgilio Lazaga, MD, have been instrumental in furthering the CDA's mandate in promoting the viability and growth of cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice, and sustainable economic development.

Through innovations in systems and policies, the CDA has strengthened its regulatory mandate to ensure that all cooperatives operating in the country comply with international standards of quality services and products. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the agency has persevered and adopted innovations that have made cooperatives more persistent, adaptive, and resilient to change. This has demonstrated that cooperation and unity are essential in achieving even the smallest or biggest goals.

It is clear that the CDA plays a crucial role in achieving the National Development Goal for "economic transformation for prosperous, inclusive, and resilient society".

Through its cooperative development programs and policies, the CDA is continually working towards establishing and monitoring more economically responsive cooperatives with strong cooperative business performance and stable human resources. It is through the cooperative economy that the dream of inclusive growth, where nobody is left behind, particularly the marginalized, can be realized.

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The years 2021 and 2022 were significant milestones for the CDA as the provisions of the Republic Act No. 11364, otherwise known as the "Cooperative Development Authority Charter of 2019, strengthening and reorganizing the CDA structure," were fully implemented. This resulted in the creation of key leadership positions and clear identification of cooperative cluster grouping.

It also expanded the structure and capabilities of human resources. The expanded roles and duties on cooperative development, registration and regulation, and quasi-adjudicatory functions clearly bolster the constitutionally enshrined mandate of the CDA.