What savage animal instinct overcomes a human being when he gets the opportunity and power as a member of a group to inflict pain, suffering and hurt on another human being? Members of fraternities come together and seem to enjoy the power and the pleasure of sadism as they torture and beat another human to death. This is not a historical past event that happened in a Nazi concentration camp, in a Russian torture chamber or in an IS prison. It happens frequently in so-called Catholic universities of the Philippines as well as in state universities like the prestigious University of the Philippines.

The brutal and savage murder on Feb. 18, 2023 of a young student, John Matthew Salilig, after 70 blows to all parts of his body during a crazed frenzy of continual beating with wooden paddles during a hazing ritual of a fraternity initiation happened at the hands of his fellow students of the Catholic Adamson University.

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