AS it is a holiday weekend, I hope I can be indulged with this topic. Before I start, I found it hysterical that Cut and Paste chose to write a column on disinformation without any remorse or irony as first all of it was cut and pasted again, at least from varied sources this time, and he is the runaway leader for peddling disinformation while cutting and pasting on Covid, Trump, climate change and China, among other topics he peddles disinformation on. And not even original disinformation. He must be delusional if he actually thinks he is not the biggest source of proven disinformation in this paper. Just read what he wrote on Trump as Exhibit A, though we would probably have to run through the alphabet if anyone bothered to regularly read his clipping service routine for malevolent right-wing sites, some of which like his prior favorite Epoch Times have been thrown off mainstream sites for peddling disinformation.

I would also like to thank readers and others who have also commented on my columns and appearances on TV for their kind sentiments. A common theme is their appreciation for my factual points and avoidance of purely personality-driven comments. I told many if I knew what some of the topics were before, I read up prior to appearing out of respect for the audience and hosts. I believe I am given a privilege to have a forum to share my views and that demands I try to be worthy of that honor. So, the least I can do is prepare. Not just mouth what comes first or resort to name-calling. The former is often on display by many who should simply say they don't know or are not sure. Just watch business news and look for stock responses that can fit multiple scenarios when they don't know the answer.

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