The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) eagerly brings Filipino foodies "Serve It, Singapore!" — a brand new online series featuring the one-of-a-kind dining experiences waiting to be had at the Lion City for the rest of 2023.

In one Featr episode, Erwan Heusaff goes on a mission to find the best noodles Singapore has to offer.
In one Featr episode, Erwan Heusaff goes on a mission to find the best noodles Singapore has to offer.

In 2022, more than 380,000 Filipinos traveled to Singapore, which is why STB has cooked up something special for the market this year.

"Serve it, Singapore!" simply refers to the island city's openness to "serve" its many talents to the rest of the world and with the confidence for which its people are known.

Cooking is expectedly high on this list of expertise, what with Singapore's reputation as a rich and diverse culinary destination.

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"No other country is pushing for one-of-a-kind dining experiences, and we are taking the opportunity to highlight this now," Ruby Liu, Area Director of Singapore Tourism Board in the Philippines, said.

"Serve It, Singapore's" goal is to make known that its food scene is ready to conquer the world.

For the Philippine market, STB collaborated with content creator Erwan Heusaff and food and travel video channel Featr to send this message in a deliciously visual way. The series of videos they produced zooms in on the unique and lesser-known flavors and dining concepts of the neighboring Asian country.

"Featr is the expert channel of all things food and drink related, and we hope that Filipino travelers will learn something fresh about Singapore in this video series that Erwan and his team created for us. The angle we use in this video series is to 'reimagine' and so we provide you with a list of hidden gems and must-try food recommendations," Liu explained.

"Singapore is just a city I love to keep visiting and going back to because it showcases all of Asia — the potential of Asia and not just the beautiful Singaporean food they have. Plus the quality that you can get from establishments to hawker centers is the same," Heusaff shared.

Each of the four STB x Featr x Erwan Heusaff episodes, now on view, offers new and unknown recommendations for all types of Filipino foodies to enjoy.

Episodes 1 and 2 feature the best of Singapore seafood hawker food with chef Patrick Leano and chef Bryan Bonifacio, respectively. Episodes 3 and 4, on the other hand, show Heussaff enjoying the ultimate noodle and dessert guide to Singapore.

The next project STB has in the burner is to produce a Singapore Food Guide. It will also be a video series but this time, highlighting essential dining and drinking establishments in Singapore.

They are also in the process of organizing another chef collaboration series to bring together gastronomic visionaries from Singapore with those of the Philippines. One marquee activity under this is the return of the Asian Culinary Exchange (ACE) in partnership with Angelo Comsti.

In August, STB will give Filipinos a taste of the bar scene from Singapore's Chinatown and City Hall, two neighborhoods populated by the country's top cocktail bars. It will all come together under the "Singa-Pob" event in Poblacion, Makati City."

"STB hopes to serve you Singapore's aspiration to be the culinary capital of Southeast Asia and the world. In Singapore, you can find the best of all categories and when it comes to cuisine, the most talented chefs in the world," Liu said.

"The Philippines is an important soft market for Singapore, and we hope that these events and activities will spark Filipinos' interest to visit us soon," she ended.