(Last Sept. 16, 2023, former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo spoke before the Golkar Institute of Indonesia, which is the Policy and Training Institute for Indonesia's young and up-coming government leaders, established by the ruling Golkar Party. She spoke about: "resilience on the issue of rice supply and prices." GMA expounded on the strategies she employed in 2008 when the World confronted an International Rice Crisis, which underlie this resilience: "Ensuring Sufficient Rice Reserves and Boosting Domestic Production, Enhancing the Supply Chain and Addressing Its Limitations, Harnessing Science and Technology to Enhance the Supply Chain and Improve Risk Management, International Cooperation and Maintaining a Strong Fiscal Space and Economic Stability." Following are her delivered remarks.)

Thank you, Chairman Airlangga and friends in the Golkar Party. Thank you for your overwhelming hospitality. And congratulations to Golkar for establishing the Golkar Institute School. I understand it is the first formal training ground for future leaders of government in Indonesia to be set up by a political party. How admirable. There is no better way to sustain the development of one's country than to train young people with potential in the rudiments of politics, economics and transformative leadership. So, to the younger generation of the Golkar Party who will be the next-generation leaders of Indonesia, I greet you a resounding Mabuhay! as they say in the Philippines.

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