Dear PAO,

For the past three years, my sister has been living with a controlling partner, leading to significant distress. He is too controlling that my sister cannot act or function freely. Two years ago, he falsely accused her of having a relationship at work, pressuring her to resign. He even caused a scene at her workplace and threatened that he will kill himself if she will not resign. Despite the humiliation, my sister just pretended to be okay to keep her job. Eventually, my sister resigned because his threats persisted. Since my sister did not want to depend on him financially, she applied for another job but opted for offsite/online work in order to avoid the same incident at her former workplace. She was able to find a job but not long after she was hired, her live-in partner started making threats again. Not too long ago, he had already hurt himself because he really wanted my sister to stop working. It is as if he does not want my sister to associate with or communicate with any other people, even if it involves her livelihood. Unable to endure it any longer, she left him and is currently staying with us temporarily. She wants to pursue legal actions and get a protection order, but we do not know if there is a law protecting her from such manipulative behavior, as he is not physically hurting her but using self-harm as a means of control.

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