JBL Car Audio Philippines celebrated the inaugural JBL Car Audio Tunefest on Nov. 11, 2023, marking a significant milestone for the brand. The event served as a gathering point for car audio enthusiasts and installers, creating an opportunity to exhibit top-tier in-car JBL setups and fostering camaraderie within the Filipino car community.

The venue was the rooftop parking of O-Square 2 in Greenhills Mall, San Juan City, where JBL Car Audio played host to a diverse assembly of industry professionals and community members. Collaborating with Stance Pilipinas /Manila Fitted (SPMF), Manila Street Chronicles (MSC), and Bumper2Bumper Car Show (B2B), the event drew inspiration from the golden days of weekend and late-night meets, encapsulating a nostalgic atmosphere that celebrated cars, music, and wholesome fun.

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