A United States media outlet reported that, during her recent visit to Nepal, Sun Haiyan, deputy head of the International Department of the Communist Party of China's (CPC) Central Committee, publicly said for the first time that some countries were trying to sabotage China-Nepal relations. She did not single out any particular country, but the media report cited an Indian scholar saying the statement was directed at India and, to some extent, the US.

Strictly speaking, this isn't news. Regardless of whether Sun said this, it is a reality that has occurred in Nepal and other South Asian countries in recent years. The US, which considers itself the world's hegemon, competes with China for global influence. India, which sees itself as the hegemon of South Asia, views the region as a forbidden area and fortifies against China in every aspect. The approaches and means employed by Washington and New Delhi to maintain their self-proclaimed hegemony are nothing more than to sow discord between China and smaller countries, coercing and inducing them, and creating gaps and obstacles in their mutually beneficial relations with China.

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