CHENGDU, China, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Walnut Coding, a leading online coding learning platform for young learners, supported the Programming the Future event, part of the main promotional events of the 2024 Chengdu Chenghua District Artificial Intelligence Programming Science hosted by Chenghua District Education Bureau of Chengdu on July 2, 2024. The event was held to promote science and technology education and to allow more primary and secondary school students to interact with and develop a passion for computer programming and artificial intelligence. It provided a platform for students to demonstrate and improve their programming skills and to improve their scientific literacy and innovation skills while promoting the development of science and technology education.

With almost 1,000 sign-ups, the event aimed to encourage students to create their AI-themed mini projects through graphical programming. It included public creative programming and AI programming classes for kids, with selected projects shortlisted for a prize-giving ceremony. Junyi Bai, a fifth-grader from the Experimental Primary School Attached to the University of Electronic Science and Technology, created his Police Catching Thieves work. He programmed statements using detection, variables, motion, and control, and other directories through Scratch (block-based coding language), and completed the project by programming the police, thieves, and other characters.

Walnut Coding played an important supporting role in this event, demonstrating its leading position and rich experience in the field of coding education. It strives to become one of the most trusted coding education brands through a series of activities aligned with the Company's concept and vision of inspiring a love for science and technology among children, and making high-quality coding education widely accessible. Walnut Coding focuses on scaling individualized learning through technology and ensuring every child has the opportunity to cultivate creativity through programming.

Yuyang Mo, a sixth-grader at Chengdu Jinguancheng Primary School, described his creating process and his willingness to continue developing more applications while learning and practicing, "This activity not only allowed me to use Scratch to design games and animations independently, but also stimulated my interest in programming, and eventually inspired my independent thinking and cultivated my ability to analyze and solve problems."

Earlier this year, the I am a Little Astronaut event, which was also supported by Walnut Coding, was successfully held in Xi'an and has attracted more than 48,000 students from more than 180 schools who showcased their love for aerospace science through aerospace-themed creative programming. 37 outstanding teenagers won the awards and received a chance to visit top scientific research institutions on-site and to engage in aerospace knowledge, which significantly enhanced their interest and passion for science.

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Mr. Yuhang Wang, Co-founder of Walnut Coding commented, "Walnut Coding has always been committed to inspiring a love for science and technology among children as well as their desire for innovation through coding education. We have been actively supporting student programming projects across the country, providing technical support for various youth science and technology practice activities. We hope to bring students new developmental experiences through more projects, thus helping to promote the development of scientific education."

About Walnut Coding

Walnut Coding is a leader in coding education in China. Founded in 2017, The Company offers differentiated, fun, and engaging coding learning courses for young learners, covering various subjects including Scratch, Python, and C++. Its courses feature adaptive software products with definitive learning objectives and interactive content for learners, as well as individualized guidance from full-time learning assistants throughout the learning process. As of February 2024, Walnut Coding had 7.2 million cumulative paying users.