Beginning July 9, 2024, Consumers Will Find Imbox Protection in Stores Providing a PFAs-Free Treatment in 60 seconds at Check Out

DENMARK and HONG KONG, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- IMBOX Protection, the world's only in-store footwear protection technology, is expanding its presence in Asia beginning July 9, 2024, partnering with Hong-Kong-based Sportshouse, a leading sports retailer with over 60 stores across Hong Kong. Sportshouse features a wide range of international brands, including Adidas, Asics, Hoka, Nike, New Balance, and On, among others. IMBOX Protection's PFAs-free treatment provides weather and stain-resistant applications maintaining shoe appearance, durability, and performance in 60 seconds for approximately HKD50 (Hong Kong Dollars).

IMBOX Protection uses patented spray technology to shield shoes from water stains, dirt, and color fading. At checkout, newly purchased footwear is placed in IMBOX units, which dispense a PFAs-free, allergy certified formula. The treatment is applied within the IMBOX box system equipped with an active charcoal filter to ensure safety by filtering any excess formula. The treatment ensures precise application tailored to each shoe, protecting materials like suede, leather, textile, nubuck, and synthetic components. Once the in-store treatment is completed, shoes are ready for immediate wear, eliminating the need for consumers to purchase single-use can cleaners.

"Providing our customers a simple and effective way to extend the life of their footwear sets us apart," says Addison Choi, head of marketing at Sportshouse. "This technology not only enhances the in-store experience, but also, aligns with our commitment to provide high-quality, long-lasting products. With IMBOX Protection, our customers have an easy and eco-friendly option to keep their shoes looking new and performing at their best."

"Introducing our technology to Asia with Sportshouse expands our global footprint, especially important as consumers are clearly paying more attention to sustainability," said René Charles Marker, CEO of Imbox Protection. "Our automated protection service streamlines shoe maintenance, providing rapid, premium protection in less than 60 seconds, alleviating the burden on sales staff. This environmentally-conscious solution ensures footwear retains its pristine appearance and durability."

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The globally patented IMBOX Original has served millions of consumers in stores all across Europe for years, operates in 33 countries and has reached a milestone of 150 million treatments with more than 7,500 units in retail stores around the world.

About Sportshouse

Sportshouse is a significant player in Hong Kong's retail sector, particularly in the sportswear and casual wear market. Established in 1985, the company has grown extensively, operating over 60 stores across Hong Kong. It offers a wide range of international brands, including Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, and others, positioning itself as a prominent retailer in the region. Sportshouse's extensive network, diverse brand offerings, and continued expansion and innovation efforts contribute to its strong presence in Hong Kong's retail landscape.

About IMBOX Protection

Launched in 2011 in Denmark as a more sustainable and convenient alternative to protecting shoes, IMBOX Protection is the world's only in-store footwear protection technology service using a safe and environmentally friendly treatment to protect against water damage, dirt, stains, and color fade. IMBOX Protection has more than 7,500 units in retail stores globally selling more than 35 million treatments a year with trusted footwear retailers and partners. Based on surging demand in Europe and Japan, IMBOX Protection has expanded availability in the U.S. with a North American headquarters in Chicago. The PCT patent-protected technology is designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark. Retailers can learn more about IMBOX Protection and its in-store footwear protection solution at

IMBOX Protection System

IMBOX Protection System