• Aquino not keen on finding brains in Ninoy’s slay – Palace


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd is no longer itching to find out and get even with the alleged mastermind behind the 1983 killing of his father, former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

    According to Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda, the President neither spoke about the subject nor mentioned interest in seeking out those who may have ordered the killing of Ninoy at the tarmac of the then-Manila International Airport. He said it was not in Aquino’s priorities.

    “He has never told us who [the alleged]mastermind is. We never asked him… As far as we are concerned, it was never discussed with us,” Lacierda said in a news briefing on Tuesday.

    In a speech he delivered during his “homecoming” in Boston, Massachussets, on Sunday afternoon (Monday morning in Manila), Aquino revealed that he had wanted to exact revenge against then-President Ferdinand Marcos and his “ilk” after his father’s assassination.

    According to Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., who accompanied the President to the US, Aquino is no longer in the same emotional state 31 years after his father’s assassination.

    Coloma described such state as “an initial reaction that, early on, he [the President]learned to overcome.”

    “He realized that his mother and his siblings had a responsibility to carry on what his father had begun, and that this will be done out of a sense of duty to country and people, and without anger or bitterness toward anyone,” the Palace official said of the country’s incumbent leader’s take on the tragedy that visited his family on August 21, 1983.

    Lacierda said while Aquino carried such “rage,” it did not translate to physically going after Ninoy’s killers.

    He added that the experience was a “burden” that members of the Aquino family will have to carry throughout their lives.

    “The President recognizes it’s a personal burden the family has to carry but being President he has other priorities. There are other priorities. Number one priority is that he has to govern the country and make sure he improves the lives of [Filipinos],” Lacierda said.

    “In his nearly five years [as President], he has not made any mention [about the assassination’s brains,” he added.

    But Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, said Aquino as President has an obligation to the nation to bring closure to Ninoy’s case.

    The President, according to Jimenez, should exert efforts in unmasking the brains behind the assassination of his father.

    "Saying that he wanted revenge against Marcos is uncalled for, what he should do [instead]is bring closure by completing the investigation and identifying who is behind the murder,” he said.

    “But unless the real mastermind is identified, the issue will continue to haunt our country,” Jimenez added.



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    1. I guess Agapito and Paul Aquino, and Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara also know who the “brains” is behind Ninoy’s assassination.

    2. If BS Aquino III would reveal the truth..which I assume he didn’t know the truth.. All hell will break loose because the Filipino people will realize how stupid they are in believing that Marcos was the mastermind of BS Aquino Jr. assassination.

    3. who is the palace kidding? the saying in the Bible “out of your heart your mouth speaks” still holds true and applicable to all human beings. moreover, the passage in the Jeremiah 17:9 says and i quote “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?

    4. PNoy must know that the brain(s) of Ninoy’s assasination, most likely is(are)!close to home. I wonder why his uncles and sisters support the person, a nemesis of his and his party?

    5. Abnoy is scared of the skeletons in the closet. He knows but would rather keep mum on it because the mastermind is a close family member.

    6. Feeling mahinahon ang pangulo,feeling mapagpatawad,upang mapanatili nila ang pagsamba ng tao sa kanilang lahi!
      Alam na alam nila ang totoo! Pero titiisin nila wag malaman ng buong bayan ang katotohanan,kahit magdusa ang kanilang puso at utak,
      Mapanatili lamang nilang buo at malinis ang sarili nilang pamilya sa paningin ng bayan at alam nila na nakakalaya pa ang totoong pumatay sa kanilang ama na si ninoy,
      Kahit na ang imbentor ng yellow ay may nalalaman sa kasaysayan.
      Mas gusto nilang panatilihin ang pagsamba ng tao sa kanila, kaysa malaman ng tao ang totoo!
      Manabatiling karma ito sa isipan ng mga Aquino! Yamang sanay na sila mabuhay sa kasinungalingan!
      Yellow ang kulay na patuloy na naghahasik ng dilim hanggang ngayon!

    7. Of course the Aquino-Cojuangcos will never be interested in who really is the brain of the assassination of Ninoy. They know that it was not Ferdinand, Imelda, Ver or any member of the family as claimed by no less than Sgt. Moreno, et. al. The real brain of the assassination, per the Ninoy escorts, have the same middle initial of no less than PNoy and PNoy himself knows that if he will led to the doorstep of the brain, he will be stepping in the doorstep of one “Dandikng.”

    8. Aquino and his barking dogs are living to the highest level of hypocrisy. BSA knows the brain in his father`s assasination and knows very well too how much embarassment they will face if they will reveal it. The Marcos Family until now suffers the stigma of a false media propaganda which is the resultant of their continued effort to hide the secret as this is the primary reason why Cory, the blank-headed President got the support from the Filipinos to install her to the Presidency. What really happened will soon unveil, the reported confidential calls by Ninoy to FM for financial support everytime they run out of cash while in Boston is the beginning of unmasking what really happened. It is so unfortunate that the efforts done by FM to fascilitate without delay the heart bypass operation on him was not the main reason. Marcos did it to prevent and abort earlier assasination, a disgruntled enemy is planning to do on Ninoy. Further revelations will come out very soon and the Filipinos will realize it is an incorrectible mistake to put the blame on Marcos.

    9. do not be so hypocrite Pnoy! You know very well the mastermind of your father’s death! You just want to gain sympathy for the mess you are doing to the Filipino people! Saan ka kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha! Binabalik ko yan sa iyo!

    10. Pilipinas is one of the most weird countries in this world with this “statute of limitations” on murder. Unbelievable…. but everyone knows (or at least hundreds of thousands of Pinoys of Pilipinas know) that if a murder is not solved after so many years, then the murderer gets away with murder.
      What is not understandable (at least not understandable to a thousand-here or ten-thousand-there of Filipinos)… why certain family members would not want the murder solved.