• Duterte announces ‘separation from the US’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday announced his “separation” from the United States in terms of military and economic cooperation, saying he would turn to China instead.

    “I announce my separation from the United States, both in military and economics,” the President said in his speech during the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum in Beijing, China.

    With this separation, the President told Chinese officials and businessmen that he would now be relying on China.

    “So please, you have another problem of economics in my country. I have separated from them (US) so I will be dependent on you for a long time, but don’t worry, we will also help,” he said.

    His comments came after he met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square, with the two men pledging to enhance trust and friendship, while playing down a maritime dispute.

    Duterte’s visit to Beijing capped a series of recent declarations blasting the US and President Barack Obama.
    Addressing the Filipino community in Beijing Wednesday, the firebrand leader said the Philippines had gained little from its long alliance with the US, its former colonial ruler.

    “Your stay in my country was for your own benefit. So time to say goodbye, my friend,” he said, as if addressing the US.


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    1. TheDirty can enhance the relationship with China and Russia without abandining USA, a friend and security ally. In fact, the close relationship with USA can be used a leverage of TheDirty ehen negotiaring issues between the Philippines and China.

      Security of the Philippines will be in jeopardy without USA. The Philippibes sovereignedy will be online to be swallowed by China.

    2. Duterte is the boy who cried wolf. But much more at risk.Duterte is a child in old man’s body.

    3. Palace: ‘No rush’ to interpret Duterte’s remarks on cutting ties with US. Interesting. It is very clear to me what he meant. How can any business trading with PH trust?

    4. @Polo: I was in Hong Kong during the month of July and while speaking with several business men there they were telling me how a lot of wealthy Chinese people are trying to move to Hong Kong. Upon asking why they told me what I kind of expected to hear, more freedom. I am really glad The Chinese people have more freedom and that things are getting better for them however, your version of freedom and mine are two different ways of life.

    5. Without US force, Philippines will have a serious problem in national security.
      And sometimes it is not up to Filipinos to make the choice. The tie is just too tight.

    6. I don’t really uderstand what our President mean cutting ties from the United States. Are these phrases real or our President just wanted to please China? I support our President but I got annoyed of his too much talking. My advice to our President please try to control your quack quack thing. Anything you have in mind please keep it to
      yourself. I like your style of governance. But it’s not good also if you have enemies left and right. You need to edit your mouth Mr. President. Most overseas Filipinos wanted you to stay longer as President because you’re the only
      President na iba ang dating; Sana Mr. President bawas bawasan na natin too much unnecessary

    7. Don’t forget Tianamen Square. We have a mini version the other day. Just think if DU30 will now cow down to Beijing.

    8. What is the objective of a mutual defense act? ….To defend against a common enemy/ Who is that common enemy? …..Generally finger pointing is directed towards China ….. Who is being threatened by China ? ….. Generally finger pointing goes towards America ……. why is China a threat to America> …… World dominance ….. America is losing the number 1 position to China …..What is wrong with America> ….. Trade deficit with China. ….. How did it come about? … America bought cheap goods from China. At the end of the day as the saying goes, China was shipping their cheap products to America, and in turn America was shipping its dollars to China ….. then the financial system collapsed , triggered by the Lehman Bos. debacle ….. mighty Wall street collapse and America had to bail out its financial system …. US treasury had to borrow somewhere, no other than China …. so US Congress ordered the Treasury to borrow Dollars from China and issue TBills ( Totaling 14trillion dollars)…. then Obama ordered the Federal bank top gun, Bernanke to start printing dollars 24/7 duly covered by said TBills ……. the bottom line is CHINA CAN FORECLOSE AMERICA …. LOL

      • Ha ha Nimrod, you have a funny yet indigenous way of exposing the not-so-light ideas in succinct way. Our world’s biggest problem is that there’s a hegemon wanna dominate the world for itself whereas all other nations just take commands and play under its rules, or worse becomes the vassal states like the losers of WWII until today (GER, JPN, and many more). However, both the Dragon and the Bear will not be subdued by the Lost Empire and these are major powers with many nuke heads.

        Because of the Lost Empire ambitions to exert the Full Spectrum Dominance in the five continents, they have been creating the problems in Eurasia (using Kiev as the pawn) and in the Asia Pacific using Manila in the South China Sea and the both vassal states, Seoul with its THAAD installation and Abe in Tokyo as an obedient servitude.

        Well, this is how the Lost Empire can keep on printing the paper as money and exchanging it for the hard resources and labours of the rest of the world….using its warfare might to intimidate and blackmail the ROW. Yes, admittedly it’s very nice if one can just print while others will work hard to serve you all the stuffs and services…

        “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    9. Dear Mr Duterte

      Your decision to sever ties with the US is downright stupid.

      You have put the entire nation in a destructive whirlpool, The economic,social and
      national sovereignty and integrity will collapse with the divorce of US.

      The Philippines people will pay incalculable price for the change of direction.

      Duterte lacks the basic acumen of a sound national leader.

      Duterte gambled away the pride and future of your people at the slaughter house of Beijing.

    10. Mr JOE, you dont know China, what you said about live in China is what you heard from the western media, I welcome you come to China to learn more, I am an ordinary Chinese, I feel freedom, our Goverment is not perfect but they tried hard.

      • I have been to China a few times, and my wife is from china. She was a college student at the time of Tiana men square, protesting and demanding democracy, and she told me what happened in china. I did not hear it from the western media. In fact, her parents were arrested even before this and placed in re-education farms for many years because of the Party. My wife was blackballed by the Party because she protested, fellow students turning out to be spies. She left China to have freedom in the US. That is the reality of china, learned firsthand by my wife, not in the media.

    11. Joshua Schneider on

      It is a very sad day when I agree with DU30 to step away from my country. The changes in the United States since the basic take over by the progressive party has caused problems on so many levels that we have a hard time comprehending just how far we have fallen.
      To the liberal press in the US that has abdicated its responsibility to honestly report the news, congratulations. You have again successfully enabled a corrupt Democrat party to lose an ally that thousands of Americans boys and Philippine solders gave their last full and final measure for. Apologies to President Lincoln. But that great nation has been corrupted from within, and a free Republic, if not fought for day by day is quickly lost.

      China is a up and coming country, that has grown in granting its citizens more freedoms as they have enjoyed unprecedented gains in their economy. It has not been that long since Chairman Mao and the “Little Red Book”.

      One country falls, another steps in its place. That does seem to be the way of the world.

      • Sorry buddy, you’re not from the US. So just stop with the whole “stepping away from my country” nonsense. Your english isn’t very sharp and are obviously a Chinese “comrade”. Come clean and quit pretending to be something you’re not.

      • The US is strong as ever and you are a political hack. For example: “China is an up and coming country”?? Oh really? China and the US are the two world mega-powers. The US and China are friends. We work together. Duterte doesn’t get that and neither do you. You don’t know what you are talking about, and you betray your own country.

    12. No one exploited the Philippines except the Filipinos themselves. There is only one word that describes the plight of the country -that is CORRUPTION at every level of government. From the President, maybe not this one, down to the Barangay Kapitans. The tax collectors, judges, custom agents, policemen and those who are in power to exploit their position that they are entrusted with. If there are 4 million drug addicts today, multiply that by many folds to come up with the number of corrupt citizens/official. And this corrupt practices has been in existence way longer than the drug problems. Blame those friends of the rich and powerful for not paying enough taxes. Blame those companies who pay the politicians instead of the government treasury. As you stated that there will be zero corruption in your administration -that will immensely solve the many problems you now have. Mr. President, it’s not the U.S..

    13. The United States State Department is right that all PRRD is doing is all talks and no action. If PRRD is sincere why don’t he write a Black & White letter to the US? All talks and no action is NOTHING, Sir Digong.

    14. TheDirty is playing with fire like a spoiled brat. Who is he kidding? I am afraid the Philippines will be usurped by China and becomes part of China. Woe to Filipinos and the country the Philippines.

    15. Two typhoons hit P.I. damn. Well like president dingdong said he renounces from the USA. Time to go beg China for some Yuan to help with cleanup and rebuilding. It is nice to know that your president went onto Chinese television and pleaded for aid. That means he begged like a bitch for aid. Time to lower those bar fines. Chinese & Russian military men cant afford 6000 peso bar fines at Miss Universe Club. Dont forget to pray to the sickle and hammer……Communist Philippines…hahaha

    16. There were 2 typhoons that entered our country and the president is asking for help . Do you not notice that the US has not provided any help. That is what Duterte requested, no help from US. So who suffers ? The Pilipino people. Did Duterte gets hungry ? Heck no! Who gets hungry ? The poor Pilipino people ! Watch, once Hillary wins, we are going to be in big economic trouble. Hillary is not a courteous Obama. Hillary is a very strong willed American lady. She will not let Duterte curse her like what stupid Duterte did to Obama.

    17. Good luck to the country forming a close alliance with Communist China. I hope the PH does not also follow their style of government and the lack of many freedoms that their people live under. Yes, the way of life in China is improving in terms of material goods and living style, but when it comes right down to it, is the the Party that has the final say in anything, even if citizens have legitimate, serious complaints. In other words, if a person complains too much, they wind up in jail there. As for Duterte repeatedly blaming the US for lack of more economic progress, he should instead blame the many senior politicians who have grabbed up money while exploiting their positions, instead of using the money to advance the country and help the people. That is where real changes are needed.

      • you’re right about china; they cannot be trusted as they will only be looking after their interests. the US was the same, though – they only cared about their interests. they exploited and plundered the country solely for their benefit. also agree that we cannot have a government like china’s government.

        you’re also right about the politicians; they should be jailed, if not executed. know, though, that the US supported these politicians since they kept the US as the Philippine’s overlords.

        then there are the oligarchs, also most deserving of jail, if not execution.

      • You are quite right. For me, what this president is saying is more of his personal choice and not all Filipinos agree with him even his own Defense Secretary admitted that they were not consulted and this president just blurted to the world this breaking with the US.

        It will be interesting to know what the opinions of those Filipinos in the US who supported this president. Are they willing to break their ties with the US and follow their idol president.

        The US has been trying to help us to stand on our feet but the main problem is the greediness of these people in position and power. They should be the one to be executed first and I am sure the Philippines will soar high and will be an envy of its neighbors. Unfortunately, these are the guys who are also making the law to protect themselves.

      • Btw do you see any Third World country becomes prosperous in adopting the highly touted one man one vote system? Just tell how many Third World countries adopting the western-style democracy succeeded to uplift itself, and how many remain failed and live in poverty or backwardness?

        One does not feed himself and his family by the pompous freedom.

        “Western democracies are ossified bastions of self-perpetuating interest groups, aided and abetted and legitimatised by the ritualised spectacle that we call elections” – Unknown Indian author