• Marcos sees attacks vs his family as EDSA rites approach


    SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Sunday said he is expecting more intense attacks against his family during the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the “people power revolution” this February especially now that he is one of the leading vice presidential candidates in the May 2016 elections.

    According to Marcos, the government and some groups have lined up a series of activities leading to the Edsa celebration on February 25, which was declared by Malacanang as a special non-working holiday.

    “Every year, there is a celebration but we expect this year to be more intensive mainly because I am running for the vice presidency. We are in the election period,” he noted.

    The senator said is anticipating more intense attacks directed at his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, and at the entire Marcos family but that they cannot do anything about them.

    Marcos added that he and his family have learned to live with the yearly celebrations and the constant bashing although he admitted that he still gets affected by the attacks.

    “That’s life, we all learn to live with whatever is given us,” he said.

    “We are human, of course we get affected but as I’ve said we have learned to live with it. It’s part of our lives,” according to the senator.

    Marcos, in the latest vice presidential survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS), is statistically tied with independent rival Senator Francis Escudero for the top spot.

    He was the only candidate for Vice President who registered a huge gain in the SWS survey while the rest dropped by several points.

    The senator said he will be on the campaign trail on January 25 to meet with people and presenting his platform on how to alleviate their condition.

    In his visits to many parts of the country, according to Marcos, the people usually ask about the problems hounding the country such as poverty, unemployment and peace and order, never about the “people power revolution.”

    “I won’t be in EDSA. I will be in NLEX [North Luzon Expressway]. But seriously, it’s been 30 years and there are more pressing issues,” he said.


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    1. kaya nga marcos abolished congress because of rampant na pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan ng mga congressmen. Plundered billions of pesos…lalo pa ngayon grabe nakawan diyan sa kongreso.
      magaling talaga si marcos no one of the succeeding presidents can even be compared.

    2. the Philippines is now proving who is the better President:

      we had two aquinos and we got power shortage ( remember the 9hr brownouts during Cory’s time, merging teh energy dept with natural resources?), the mendiola massacre?), traffic mess, abandonment of soldiers in the misdts of a carnage etc etc.

      Marcos would rather get ut of the country than massacre the people at edsa then. marcos had a true agrarian and urban land reform ( thats why the rich-brains of edsa wanted him out), more scholarships for the bright but poor, the phil high school for the arts, the nlex, the slex, the blooming of freddie aguilar and the Filipino music and film industry etc etc.

      i think the Philippines would be better-off with another Marcos–but he has to be wary, the rich who owns 90% of the Phil would not want him in power.

      but then again GOD says:

      “The sentence is rendered by decree of the watchers,
      the decision is given by order of the holy ones,
      in order that all who live may know
      that the Most High is sovereign over the kingdom of mortals;
      he gives it to whom he will
      and sets over it the lowliest of human beings.’ Daniel 4:17, NRSV bible

    3. The Philippines is at its worst after the so called EDSA. Only the oligarchs and the rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

    4. Do we really need to celebrate that greatest mistake the Filipino ever made? I think that is STUPIDITY to the highest degree.

    5. pakialamero ako on

      Here is my two cents: During this celebration, the organizers of this event is reminding Filipino people, including these couple of shallow minded morons here, about the re-birth of the Philippine Democracy. They will be showing how people lived during Martial Law years and how the Marcos’ plunder the Philippine Treasury. Most of these article are available on the web, just google it.

    6. I think it’s insane to celebrate EDSA. Nothing good happened after that crazy day of ousting a great president. But such is life…perhaps it’s Karma for the Philippines to be led by an Aquino and then another Aquino. If the people of the Philippines still do not see the evils after President Marcos, then they deserve what they are getting at the moment. See for yourself the down fall of your beloved country into the hands of corrupt politicians. No amount of prayers can help because God said..DO YOUR BEST AND I WILL DO THE REST. Bongbong if given the chance to lead will prove all their detractors wrong. He and the rest of the family despite all the attacks have given their best for the love of their country and people. They will vindicate themselves and clear their good name.

    7. Bong2-isoli mo na kasi mga nakaw ng pamilya nyo-hingi ka ng tawad sa taong bayan sa Abuso ng Tatay mo. Sakali-baka patawarin ka pa

      • Roberta, sabihin mo rin kay Noynoy, na isauli rin ang mga buhay na nawala dahil sa Hacienda Luisita. Sabihin mo rin kay Noynoy, na dapat pagbayaran pa rin ng lolo nya na si Benigno Sr. ang mga kasalanan nito sa bayan ng makpagsabwatan ito sa mga mananakop na Hapones nuon panahon ng digmaan. Gago!

    8. One question remains;
      Did the Republic of the Philippines became any better after Corazon Aquino took over and the government that followed up to Abnoy Aquino in terms of education and job creation, not to mention the peace and order in general?
      Heck, the politicians in the Philippine Congress are even more creative thieves in plundering the people’s money.