• P57-million monthly MRT maintenance fee… where does it go?


    Perhaps, the next time the Senate resumes its investigation on the Metro Rail Transit issue, the lawmakers should ask Autre Porte Technique Global, the maintenance provider of MRT 3, where the P57-million monthly payment supposedly for the upkeep of the said mass transport system goes.

    Observers, however, believe the said amount only goes to the pockets of the officials of APT Global, particularly its Chairman and CEO Mario Dela Cruz, instead of being spent on spare parts for the trains.

    Commuters complain about the doors of the train that do not close or remain open while it is in motion. The sudden or abrupt stopping of the train while traveling is another problem they frequently raise, and has caused injuries to a dozen passengers already, not to mention the leaks on the ceiling of some carriages when it rains. These are just but few of the minor problems of the MRT 3 trains since last year or even earlier but has not been resolved by APT Global to this day.

    Dela Cruz and his men admit that they do not purchase busted part of the trains since it will take a while before the new parts would come in, adding that they are now on a monthly-basis contract with the DOTC.

    What a lousy excuse!!! So, where does the P57-million monthly payment to APT Global go when it does not purchase any spare parts for the train? I guess to the fat bonuses and paychecks of its officials like Dela Cruz.


    Therefore, if APT Global does not buy new parts for the MRT trains, isn’t the DOTC paying them too much for the maintenance of these trains? I think the government has the right to ask for a refund.

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    Cong. Madrona has some explaining to do
    The Office of the Ombudsman might want to look into an allegation that some P10 million intended for tourism promotion of Romblon in 2004 ended up in the pocket of the governor of the province then?

    The story goes something like this: in 2004, the Department of Tourism released P10 million for the province of Romblon supposedly to develop the tourism industry in the area.

    A certain Helen Enriquez facilitated the release of the fund to the office of then Gov. Eleandro Jesus F. Madrona, now a representative of the province of Romblon.

    Sources, however, say that the fund was not used for the declared purpose. Instead, Madrona’s office submitted delivery receipts for medicines for the said amount to the DOT and the Commission on Audit (COA).

    The source added that no medicines were delivered to the province either by Philgenetics, the supposed supplier of these medicines or any company.

    Not a single centavo went to benefit the province either for tourism purposes or for medicines from the said amount because P8 million allegedly went to the office of the governor and the P2 million was divided between Enriquez and Philgenetics, according to the same allegation.

    When reached for comment, Congressman Madrona’s staff dismissed the allegation as false saying the incident took place a long time ago.

    Still, Madrona has to show proof as to where the said funds really went.



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    1. Some of it may go to the execs of APT Global, but remember also that Jun Abaya of the DOTC is also the President of the Liberal Party, and elections are coming up…

      Yes, APT Global is on a month to month contract now. But they had a regiular contract since 2012 or 2013 after DOTC dismissed Sumitomo. That’s more than enough tiome for spares to be ordered and delivered. Whatever they did with the monthly P57M, it sure wasn’t maintenance. They’re only now rush buying and repairing because their corruption and incompetence was finally uncovered.

    2. I do not believe that the entire P57 million monthly will go inside the pockets and his men in APT Global. There are other pockets to fill, for why give a contract to a company without any experience in railway and train maintenance and Engineers who does not know what they are talking about.

    3. I thought the government half owned the mrt & if so shouldnt they automatically know where the money goes. Plus i dont think they get all that as most months they get fined for not doing their jobs properly. But again its synonymousof everything in this country, its a complete shambles & if there is a chance corruption is avaiable there then someone will be on the take.