• Solar, wind facilities to open in Ilocos


    TO ADDRESS the expected power shortage next year, Ilocos Norte is coming up with solar and wind farms which will be fully operational in the last quarter of the year as probable alternative sources.

    Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) board president Rey Lazo said they are hopeful that the power produced from renewable energy facilities in Ilocos Norte “would fill in the power shortage that is expected to occur in summer next year”.

    “Ilocos Norte’s solar and wind farms are being readied and we expect that these will be fully operational this year as alternative sources of power supply in response to projected power shortage anytime soon,” Lazo said.

    He said that whatever energy output from these renewable energy plants, it will help supply a part of the forecast power shortage problem next year.

    Energy executives said waiting in the wings to be fully operational this year is the $300-million Burgos Wind Project of the Energy Development Corp. that will produce 87 megawatt.

    Other projects soon to open are the Pagudpud Wind Farm operated by Northern Luzon UPC Asia Corp. that will produce 81MW and solar farms capable of 4MW in the towns of Burgos and Currimao.

    INEC said Bangui town is home to a $75-million, 33MW wind farm operated by the Northwind Power Development Corp.

    Lazo said the power generated from the renewable energy plants goes directly to the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WSEM) for sale.

    “Our electric cooperative might buy it at a lower cost as we pay a lower transmission charge due to the proximity of these plants to us,” he said.

    INEC has an existing contract with the San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC) as power generator.


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    1. Samuel S. Franco on

      We need energy/electricity in Ilocos Norte and in the Philippines. The windmills and the solar photovoltaic are the most praactical and easier to build and put on stream at the shortest possible time. The present sites of the windfarms and the proposed solar panels are not arable lands for planting but rolling lands. I think Ilocos Norte is not prepared for big dams and cola plants which will create more sociological problems. There is a mni hydro in the province which has been operating since the 1970s. This can be duplicated if there are streams available. If better renewable energy sources will be available in the future, the windmills and solar panels can always be dismantled. I think we should give a chance for Ilocos Norte source its energy or electricity needs from renewable sources.

    2. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

      As I see it, Wind Energy should be located towards the sea and not
      on land, We do not have enough land base in the Philippines
      and most farmers will not plant right above this big structures as
      no body knows what effect it will cost to them besides endangering
      there lives.

      As for Solar Energy, If this are not installed properly and we all are aware
      that the Philippines is always hit by typhoons every year it will create
      more problems when those panels flies all over the sky due to climate
      change. Before it is always the pacific side being hit but now no one knows
      as we have experienced the passed few years. Mindanao never before had
      a problem with typhoons at all.

      Much better to find other alternatives like Tidal, Geothermal and why not
      build more Dams with secondary dams below it and a 3rd dam below the
      second dam rather that those water just being wasted towards the sea.
      But this takes a lot of funds to be build with the luck of real funds to do
      it. It is doable but takes a lot of reforms from all branches of the Philippine
      Government to solved once and for all PORK Barrel being abused by
      those vested interest leaders of the government from top to bottom.

    3. This so called renewable energy resources are over rated as eco friendly alternative. Wind farm kills birds and other winged creatures, they are ugly and destroys the view, the solar panels put out so much heat it kills birds and other insects. Nuclear energy is the better alternative if it is engineered well and managed well.