• That’s what friends are for?


    THEN Sen. Mar Roxas was the presumptive presidential candidate of the Liberal Party for the 2010 election but he yielded the party nomination to fellow LP Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd. He was not only being realistic about his chances in the 2010 polls in sliding down to the vice presidency. Roxas kept in the back burner his personal interest, his life-long ambition to be president in favor of a friend who had better chances of getting elected.

    In the 2010 election campaign, several family members and friends of Aquino junked Roxas in favor of then Makati Mayor Jojo Binay who eventually won. Aquino should have prevailed on his relatives and friends not to support Binay if he were a true friend of Roxas but didn’t. Yet, Roxas never took this against him and remained loyal to his friend, the President.

    Roxas went to great lengths defending the President. I still remember with sorrow an interview by CNN’s Andrew Stevens where Roxas denied with a straight face the undeniably woeful and inadequate response of the government to victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, including the collection of cadavers left rotting for days in the streets of Tacloban.

    He was treated shabbily by the President in the plans to capture two terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. He was kept in the dark about this and confessed he learned about it only after the massacre of 44 Special Action Force commandos sent to capture the terrorists. He’s the secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Governments and the Philippine National Police is legally under his wings. Yet, he was completely ignored by the President, as if he were a mere decoration at the DILG.

    Roxas suffered in silence this virtual slap on his face. A different person would have raised Cain and resigned in a huff but not Roxas. He soldiered on, as if that insult to his person by a friend was something he should take with a grain of salt. Had he resigned, that would have precipitated a major political issue in the Aquino administration and how could he do so to a friend?

    Maybe, Roxas was still keeping his fingers crossed that Aquino would go all-out for him this time in his renewed quest for the presidency come 2016. But, what’s this report that Aquino had virtually endorsed Sen. Grace Poe for president? The President said that Poe could be trusted to continue the “reforms” he has initiated.

    And what about his friend, Mar Roxas? Unfortunately, Roxas has been languishing in the surveys so how could he carry Aquino’s reforms if he couldn’t win? Further, Aquino needs to support a sure winner to prevent his being imprisoned once he gets out of Malacanang. So, he’ll just allow the uncomplaining, ever-patient Roxas to stay at the DILG until his term ends.

    President Aquino has shown loyalty to his friends like Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, Transportation Secretary Abaya, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman and former DILG Usec Rico Puno. Why can’t he shower the same support to Roxas who’s definitely more deserving of it than the others?

    Speaking of standing by one’s man, I guess this is an attribute of many leaders, including the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This is a sign of good leadership, provided the men are well-chosen. Marcos had men of outstanding intelligence and competence in his Cabinet like Carlos P. Romulo, Bong Tanco, Rafael Salas, Claudio Teehankee, OD Corpuz, Blas Ople, Juan Ponce Enrile, Kit Tatad, and Roberto Ongpin.

    The members of the Aquino Cabinet are like dwarfs compared to those of the Marcos Cabinet. Former Sen. Joker Arroyo made an apt description of the Aquino Cabinet: “student council.” Who among them have distinguished themselves in school or their chosen profession before they were appointed by their friend the President? Oh well, just the same, President Aquino stands by his men. Probably he wouldn’t want to be considered an ingrate to his loyal friends, their incompetence notwithstanding.
    Yes that’s what friends are for. Except Mar Roxas?



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    1. Roxas is a weak middle manager who had a lowly position in an investment bank, and has not achieved anything in government, despite having opportunities to shine and show his mettle. He hasn’t so much dropped the ball, as never even picked it up.
      A follower, but never a leader. And he doesn’t even wear the trousers at home!

    2. Norodin Lucman on

      Mar Roxas dismantled the original LP in 2010 which helped put Pres. Aquino to where he is now and earned the ire of 13 million Muslims in the country by junking the 2008 MOA AD. Whoever is advising him must have come from Wall Street, Inc.or simply idiots.

    3. I Remember... on

      Poe? A daughter of a movie star… a clerk in USA… Really, this is the next President?

    4. Sadly Many perceive thatMar Roxas has no backbone. He lies straight faced to the public to defend an administration that has no respect for the law or the Comstitutqion (Dap Rulimg of SC) bribing Senators (Corona Trial).. Putting a bunch of incompetents to run or should oi say ruin our lives with the mismanagement and pillage of government /people’s money(see COA’$ pronoucemts ) while demanding more in taxes.. If he stood up for right , for the welfare of the people we would have respect for him . Unfortunately his loyalty is to the man and not the country

    5. Arlene Rafiq on

      Well this is politics and Aquino knew too well that Mar Roxas will never make it to the polls. So Aquino is fielding a nice, gentle and honest woman to be his choice for president despite the fact that Grace Poe has no experience (no offense to Poe) in governance. Aquino should bury the hatchet and field Bongbong Marcos as president and Grace as VP. This would be the greatest history that would ever unfold before the world. Bongbong has shown objectivity and has no streak of vindictiveness not to mention his experience. But this is just me…politics is dirty and politicians including Aquino is just after his selfish interest. But Grace is of course the best compared to Jejomar Binay or even Pacquiao (no offense to Pacquiao just being realistic). God have mercy on the Philippines!

    6. Amnata Pundit on

      It must be in their blood. Just recall how Cory treated Doy Laurel, and what she did to Mon Mitra in ’92. But there is an element here that everybody is missing, and that is the Plaza Miranda bombing. Roxas’ parents Gerry and Judy were seriously injured in that bombing which the entire opposition at that time at the egging of Ninoy Aquino blamed on Ferdinand Marcos. The hard core Corista Yellows know that Mar Roxas knows who really masterminded that bombing, and thats the real reason why they cannot trust him with the presidency. The ratings have nothing to do with it as you must know that with the survey outfits and the Comelec cheating machine under their control they can make even the most hideous creature win an election if thats they want. Bear in mind that is how this fellow became president.

    7. O nga naman-natatakot yung KAMPON ng Magnanakaw Binay na makalaban si Poe. Si Poe lang ang pwdeng piliin rin ng mga bobotante. Kaya kungwari kampi mga KAMPON kay Roxas, baka sakali ma suportahan pa ni Prez si Mar-na dehado sa laban

    8. ecclesiastes on

      mar roxas political career is finished insofar as his presidential ambition is concerned. This is what he got for blindly supporting the inept and psychologically challenged president in malacanang…..

    9. adam_d_langgam on

      it was very very obvious that Aquino just used roxas. even if poe doesn’t get the support of Aquino, roxas will still be a bridesmaid – never a bride. why roxas takes numerous insults from Aquino is a poser that not even Einstein can figure out. roxas is plain dumb

      • adam_d_langgam, hindi lang siguro dumb si boy pick up. mas mababa pa siguro sa dumb. katakot takot na ang pag pahiya na ginagawa sa kanya ni boy sisi pero kapit tuko pa rin sya. nakakaduda hindi baga??
        hindi pwedeng gamitin ni boy sisi ang magical hocos pcos machine para kay boy pickup kasi mag mumukhang garapalang pandadaya ang eleksyon dahil sa single digit rating ni boy pickup. para magamit ang magical hocos pcos laban kay biNOY pabor kay boy pickup, kailangan ang rating ni boy pick up ay nakadikit kay biNOY like rating ni poe. por dyos por santo, wala na bang ibang kandidato pagka pangulo kung hindi sina biNOY, boy pickup at poe???

    10. P.Akialamiro on

      With such a performance of the current administration, it’d be fatal to be clinging to the coattail of Pres. B.S. Aquino. Mr. Roxas missed his chance when he remained with this administration, despite the ‘cold’ treatments he was shown. He has never shown his ‘independent’ personality, but remaianed behind the shadow of all the incompetency, inepttitude and insensitivity of this administration. At the same time, he is an oligarch personified, like Mr. Aquino.